White sheep in a green field in Eindhoven, holland, the netherlands. The Amsterdam Sail event in the Ij in 2015. A boy sits on a small boat in front of a large ship on the water. A top down view of cheese vendors and sellers in their green and orange traditional hats in Alkmaar, Holland, the Netherlands. A red chair sits empty and in the slice of sun in an apartment in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Free range happy chicken eggs are rainbow and colorful in their natural, compostable, sustainable egg carton. These are on the tiles of a home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hotels are huge and endless in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. A palm tree scales the front of this white yellow and black motel facade in America. The Route 66 Motel off of the highway in New Mexico, USA, America. The sunset colors are a deep turquoise blue against the white and pink lights of the motel where a classic car is parked. American views of deep blue skies and multicolored green pine trees in the forest from the silverton durango steam train in Colorado, USA. A train conductor looks out into the green pine trees of the forest on the Silverton Durango Stream train in Colorado, USA. An orange and red tent is pitched at campsite in Arches National Park, moab, Utah, USA at sunset with pink and blue sky. The campground is the only one inside the park and spaces are limited and serene, peaceful, quiet and amazing. An American Dutch man sits on the edge of a rocky cliff in Canyonlands National Park in Moab, USA. His Arizona cowboy hats rests on the back of his pink stripped shirt while he stares off into the desert landscape. Israel, Israel bus station, Tel Aviv Bus Station, architecture, Israeli architecture, desolate Israel, Israel bus station, Tel Aviv Bus Station, architecture, Israeli architecture, desolate, Young people dance and drink in a house boat in Amsterdam Noord in Holland, the Netherlands.